The nail art trend is seriously booming and many people have become very particular about nail beauty. You don’t want cracked skin and tattered cuticles reduce the effect of your remarkable nail art. Follow the following nail and hand care tips to keep everything looking great.

If your cleanser is clear, it has higher chances of drying your hands out and this is not acceptable. Stay away from soaps with harsh chemicals and opt instead for products with natural ingredients and antibacterial properties like tea tree oil.

Ice cold water causes redness from capillary vessels dilating and hot water will dry out your hands. This is a simple way of avoiding ugly looking hands.

Coat your nails with nail polish or nail wraps to seal and prevent damage. In that state, your nails are free to grow and rejuvenate without interruption. If you don’t want any serious designs, reapply a clear and simple top coat very now and then. This is an extra because you will pick less at your nails when they are wrapped up or polished.

Oils are super great for moisturizing and good for your hands too. Your hand cram should contain oils for moisturization.

Your manicure will look old and haggard if your cuticles are disturbed. Cutting cuticles off makes your manicure look quite ugly and exposes your hands to infection. Every time you exfoliate your hands, nip off the hanging bits and leave everything else as is. Use an orange stick to push back your cuticles and make sure to keep them soft by applying cuticle oil frequently.

Lot of alcohol is a fast way to dehydrate your otherwise moisturized and good-looking hands. Sanitizers are good but contain a lot of alcohol. After you have sanitized your hands, wait for the product to dry off then follow up with a moisturizer.

Your face and hands will wrinkle and burn at the same pace. Applying only sunscreen might be drying so add some moisturizer to keep everything even. When you keep your hands safe, they will stay looking radiant and your nails will be beautiful.

Anti-aging cream will help improve elasticity during manicures. Stop your hands from wrinkling up and apply some anti-aging cream on the back of your hands.

Your nails are not an alternative for wedges, pliers, hammers or scrapers. They are not made of titanium and are definitely susceptible to serious breakage and damage. Everything you can do with a tool should be off limits for your nails. Take advantage of what is available and don’t stress your fragile nails.

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